How Is A House Divided During A Divorce?

If you’re getting a divorce, one of the biggest struggles is understanding how a house is divided during this process. 

Typically, the house will be divided between your husband or wife and the division of assets will be based on the financial needs of each person.

The dividing of assets can be influenced by various factors, including the duration of the marriage, living standards, age, health and future earnings of each spouse.

Divorce is a complex situation but dividing the house doesn’t have to be, as long as individuals seek legal guidance and advice specific to their situation.Within this blog, we delve deeper into the options available for couples, why the house is divided, advice for a court order and how Fast Cash Houses can help.

Why is the House Divided After Divorce?

  • Couples in the process of a divorce primarily seek to sell the house for the financial gain that comes with it
  • Living with your partner becomes too difficult emotionally and each needs their own space
  • The couple may have joint custody of their children and require each individual to have their living arrangements for the child’s best interest.
  • Both parties seek a fresh start selling the home is best for everyone involved
  • Ownership dispute which leads to both parties seeking a court order to sell the home

What does the Court consider when splitting Matrimonial Assets in a Divorce?

The court will set up a meeting with both parties to discuss the following:

  • Marriage duration (include living together before marriage)
  • Financial needs & responsibilities of both parties
  • Age of both parties
  • Needs of Children
  • Standard of living arrangements

Every marriage is unique, whereby the law is used for different cases. The court may not give a 50/50 split based on the factors above.

How to split the House without going to Court

If you decide to initiate the property marketing and listing before obtaining the grant of probate, you must inform the buyer and any agents involved promptly to manage the expectations of all parties involved. 

How can Fast Cash Houses Help

Selling the house during a divorce is never easy and will always come with its challenges. 

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An offer will be made regardless of the home’s condition so that there is a smooth and seamless transition to sell the property during divorce. Interested to learn more about how we can help? Contact us directly for an instant cash offer today.