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What Does it Mean When you reach the End of your Mortgage Term?

      The mortgage term is the length of time the mortgage is set to be paid. The length term of a mortgage on average, is between 25-30 years. This excludes fixed rate mortgages, which are much shorter. 

      Nearing the end of a Mortgage term, any outstanding fees will be due immediately which leaves the homeowners with limited options such as:

      • Sell the house fast
      • Remortgage the home
      • Face house repossession

      What Happens when you reach the End of your Interest Mortgage Term? 

        Towards the end of your interest-only mortgage, you’ll still be responsible for paying back your fees in one lump sum.

        This means you’ll pay back interest back each month instead of the interest and the loan itself. If you’re unable to pay your lump sum fee, there are a few options available:



            It’s possible that you could remortgage, but it’ll be tricky. If you’re thinking about remortgaging, you’ll need to tell your lender as soon as possible – even if your mortgage doesn’t end for a while. 

            This would depend on your current age, income and if a lender would allow you to remortgage under the circumstances.

             Sell the Property

              It’s not the ideal choice, but you can sell your house fast and use the money to pay off the loan. This is where Fast Cash Houses could help, we would provide a seamless, quick and easy sale process. This would prevent any legal action from your mortgage lender and ensure a roof over your head.

              Can I Sell my House before the Mortgage Term Ends?

                You can sell your houses at any point you want, in some cases, you may be charged a fee to exit your mortgage early, but this would not prevent you from selling it. 

                Preparing to Sell House Before End of Mortgage Term

                It would be ideal to sell your house before your mortgage term ends to prevent legal action and additional unnecessary costs from your mortgage provider. 

                This will ensure you’re not taken to court by your mortgage lender, going to court could result in a repossession order being granted and bailiffs evicting you from your home.

                What to do if you are Buying another Property?

                It is best to have a sale of your current property secured, this would enable you to know exactly how much money you will have left over once your current mortgage is redeemed. 

                Contacting Fast Cash Houses would mean a guaranteed sale would be secured and you could move forward to secure a property that suits your needs.

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                Am I Allowed to Sell My Home even if the Mortgage is not Paid Off?

                Yes, you are able to sell your home even if the mortgage is not paid off, however, as part of the sale, the sale price must be enough to redeem the mortgage at the point of completion. 

                You are not able to sell your home if your sale price does not match or exceed the mortgage redemption figure.

                What Happens to my Mortgage when I Sell my Home?

                Most of us take out a mortgage to buy our homes — in many cases, a pretty hefty one. It’s not unusual to sign up for a 20-year or 25-year mortgage. 

                A few different things can happen to your mortgage when you sell. You might pay it off, move it, or remortgage completely. 

                But every mortgage works a little differently. The first thing you want to do is to check out the terms and conditions on your mortgage. 

                In most cases, the sale price would exceed the mortgage amount meaning once the sale is processed, the mortgage is redeemed and the remaining funds are sent to you. 


                In the unlikely case the sale price is less than the mortgage amount, you would then need to pay the difference yourself to be able to complete the sale and redeem your current mortgage.

                What is Porting a Mortgage and How Does it Work?

                Porting your mortgage is where you buy a new home but keep your existing mortgage deal or rate. It is important to note that it is the deal/rate that is ‘portable’, not the loan. You will have to reapply.

                Any changes in circumstances could have an effect on your eligibility for the deal.


                • The loan to value ratio (LTV) of your new property
                • Lending criteria
                • Your finances and household income
                Can I take my Mortgage with me to my New Nome?

                Porting a mortgage deal follows the same process as switching to a new deal. In effect, you are asking your lender to re-lend you the money to purchase your new property.

                When you buy a new home, the likelihood of it costing the same as the house you’re selling is low. You’re either going to want to:

                • Borrow more money (or find it from elsewhere)
                • Reduce your mortgage amount